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Monday, October 31, 2005

Weekend in the middle of the week

I'm gonna cheat in this post and pretend I did it on Monday and then pretend that I updated it on Wednesday.

So I was working today just like I always do (playing Kung Fu Chess with my coworkers) and suddenly a turmoil starts to happen. Rumors that the Seniat (a sort of IRS over here) is closing the company for the next 48 hours started to come and go throughout the office. So I went to my boss and asked him what was happening, and finally after half an hour of finding out, I was told that I didn't have to come to work on Tuesday and Wednesday. So, I had a special weekend in the middle of the week!

That alone made my day in a selfish kind of way (it's bad for the company, but not bad for me). So I'm going to go and enjoy these days playing F.E.A.R., Kung Fu Chess and Sumo Volleyball, and of course, watching TV. And maybe a little Valheru here and there, I always like to go and talk to friends.


It's Wednesday, and my boss called me and said that we didn't have to work tomorrow. The Seniat added 24 hours because some people infringed the order and went to work (yeah I know, who would do that?). But well, I'm happy again for the same selfish reasons.


  1. lazy butt :P ohh u made links to the games... and geez you dont allow anonymous comments?? good thing kalikad exists like practically everywher.e. problem is remember the password.. is FEAR that good? i was thinking of buying it for my bf.. but i ended up buying mario cart DS and ddr extreme 2.. :P

  2. FEAR is Gooooood, but he'll need a high end PC... And I allowed anonymous comments, but I had like 3 spam comments every day... Very annoying