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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Home alone

Last Friday my parents went on vacation for a week. In fact, this update took me so long that my parents are already here, and I'm doing it in a different way. I planned to make a review of each day, but I'm starting to forget what I did some days, so I'll go with the highlights.

  • Friday 14th: First day without my parents. I went to work, and afterwards went home. Cusi arrived with a couple of movies (The Cube 2 and another one that we didn't watch). The guys at the office had planned something for the night because one of our Colombian friends' (Carlos) contract with the company finished.
    We went to the San Ignacio Mall to a place called Gusanos & Ranas (Worms & Frogs). It was a group of about 20 people; we occupied like 5 tables and the place was full. The Indian friends from the office tried the Tequila and of course they liked it! I didn't drink a shot myself, and afterwards I was thankful I didn't: each shot cost Bs. 10.000, which is very expensive, trust me. That's the price of a full bottle of Rum. Aftwerwards we went home, and I drove like a maniac (I was almost pissing on my pants because the bathrooms at the mall were closed). Cusi stayed over for the whole week, so that was fun. Plus she cooked a few times and I took some food to work, so I didn't have to spend money on food.

  • Saturday 15th: I planned to fix my left rear view mirror, cut my hair, go and get my graduation photos and wash my car. I did nothing. At night I got together with the guys and just drank beer and talked.

  • All the other days (except for the last one) I went to work and then go home and wait for Cusi to watch TV... We're currently following Nip/Tuck season 2 and Prison Break. Very good TV. Still waiting for 24 season 5 and Lost season 2 to arrive over here (Venezuela), but my guess is that they will come some time in March.

  • Friday 21st: We went to a party at the Cubo Negro (Black Cube). It was a party commemorating the 200 years of Johny Walker Red Label, it was really good, I'll see if I can post a link to some photos.

  • Saturday 22nd: Last day. I did almost everything I intended to do last Saturday but getting a hair cut and washing my car. I also bought a mouse for Cusi's laptop and a fan cooler for my PC (it's on a closed space and it gets really hot when I play).
    Yogi came to help me change my rear view mirror... It was an Odissey. First we didn't have the necessary tool to get the screws off, so we went to buy one. One of the stores was closed and the other one didn't have any of the size needed. So we went to Yogi's place to see if he had one, which he didn't. So we decided to buy some beers and go home, but on the way back Yogi suggested we go to my grandmother's house (there's a workshop there) to see if we could find the tool. There was one that worked, but not too well, but we decided to take our chances. At the end almost everything went ok except for the last screw which we couldn't finish putting because the tool was being damaged by the head. But it was good enough... Better than nothing.
    Later that night I invited the guys over and Nanu, Diego, Yogi and me played Civilization the Board Game until 3:30 am. Very entertaining, we can't wait to play again!
That was it. On Sunday my parents arrived late at night, and I went to Francisco's house to play Risk: Lord of the Rings. Very good and different from Risk. Evil won this time (Francisco & Cusi), but we'll see next time what happens. Now there are two games I want to play again!

I think some of this post may feel uninspired, because I didn't have the fresh memories of the days... Oh well, until next time.

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