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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bored at home

Well, without computer at home it would have been worse, thank God my dad brought his computer over the (long) weekend.

First let me tell you about the long weekend. In my country we celebrate Carnival. Not like in Brazil, but still we celebrate that we don't go to school or work. One way people celebrate it over here is throwing eggs, water balloons and other stuff to passerbies, cars or whatever it seems like fun. So don't try to walk on an empty street and if you're in your car, be sure to keep your windows up. This is the most fun when you're a kid of course, when you're an adult you become a lot less fun and bitter, or maybe that's just me.

About the computer... Well, I'm still not sure what's wrong with it, if it's the power supply or the processor. I left it with someone to check it out, but I guess I'll have to wait until Wednesday when everyone gets back to work. One thing I know from sure is that I'm not going to put the PC on the same spot it was, because it's way too small and gathers a lot of heat.

I wanted to talk about my day a little, I am too bored to not talk about it. I woke up and searched for my dad's laptop. Good thing he brought it, and when I wanted to log on Valheru, the site was down... What a surprise, when I have nothing better to do, it's always down. So I'm way too bored to make me some food and I just ate bread with nothing else. I went to the barber shop and when I got back I was hoping Valheru to be back up, but it seems that the destiny is not on my side today, so I just went to the fridge and got onto drinking beer. My count is 3 beers until now, and I've been chatting on MSN, playing Sudoku and just having a boring time in Hot Or Not.

I think I'm going out to Burger King before I die or something. Later.

Monday, February 20, 2006


As a friend well put it: 'Your computer had a fever and you told it STFU!'.

That's what happened to me last night. So now I have to find out what burnt. My best hope is the Power Supply. I hope everything else is fine.