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Monday, October 10, 2005

Río Chico

Well, I had a nice weekend at the beach. On Friday after work I went out with my colleagues (I won't say where to avoid problems, I may erase this parenthesis later :P). We were all drinking whiskey, and I had to go to my girlfriend's (Cusi) sister (Maribel) house at 5 am. So we drank a Buchanan's 12 between 5 people, and I arrived home at 2:20 am. I put everything I was going to take into my suitcase, put the alarm clock at 4:40 am and went to sleep.

I woke up from a familiar sound, it was my cellphone ringing. I desperately get up and see that Cusi is calling me, and I check the time... It's 5:20 am... I had overslept. So I get the call and she asks me what happened, I tell her that I was sleeping and didn't know what happened to the alarm clock (I still don't know). So I woke up, get everything and go out, but before I brush my teeth, to disguise my firebreath from the night before.

The minute I arrive at Maribel's house the first thing Cusi tells me is: "You smell like drunk!". Yeah, it's impossible to disguise it. I felt bad... not for her, but because I was going with Cusi, Maribel and her husband (Francisco). Well, I just apologized for my stench and we left. It was no problem that I had overslept, because they had also. And we parted in Francisco's SUV.

So we arrived. I slept through the whole one and a half hours. We got to Francisco's uncle's apartment at Rio Chico - a beach town. It has one bedroom, air conditioner, and DirecTV. You could almost stay inside the whole day. Then we went to have a breakfast by the pool. We had some arepas and afterwards to the pool! Cusi and Maribel where sun tanning, and I went inside the pool. It was really great, a long time since I went inside one. And it's great to forget all about work.

Maribel and Francisco went to get some beers and after they arrived they came inside the pool. After we got bored (and the sun was too hot) we played Rummikub and drank some beers. And that was basically what we did every day. Eat chips and doritos, swim in the pool, play Rummikub and Citadel, watch TV, eat food and drink lots of beers.

The only bad thing is that I got sunburnt on my shoulders. But taking that aside it was a great trip. Yogi, I hope you get good grades on your oncoming tests, because if not, you could have come :P

That's all for now...

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