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Friday, January 11, 2008

El Chupacabra

[13:49:03] JimiJaz dice:viste este chupacabra'
[13:49:05] JimiJaz dice:?
[13:49:06] JimiJaz dice:
[13:50:11] Pharod dice:wTf!? JAJAJA
[13:50:17] JimiJaz dice:que risa
[13:50:25] JimiJaz dice:quiero sacar las lyrics


[14:50:42] JimiJaz dice:El Chupacabra
He eats the goats and some children
'cause he's El Chupacabra
People don't like him
Because he eats stuff
An then he kills them
and then he made a movie...

He went to LA
Where he ate some more
and he kills some chickens
and smokes some weed
and El Chupacabra
Chu Chu
[14:43:30] Pharod dice:jajajajajja

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  1. Tanto Jimijaz como tu me preocupan... será el Q3??