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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Windows Media Player 'Find Album Info'

Last week I noticed an incredible change in Windows Media Player 11 (not sure if the change is in the client or on microsoft's servers). The screen which guides you to find the album info has improved considerably.

It used to be a simple screen that asked you for the track info to find, and the search was literally crap. If the result you were looking for didn't appear in the first eight (or a bit more, I don't remember) you were out of luck, and you had to try to make another search that would bring you the result you wanted. I remember trying to find 'Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 3' and getting all the results I didn't want (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 showed up, for the albums 'The Wall', 'Is There Anybody Out There', 'Pulse', 'Pulse DVD', etc...). So they have improved the search and results displayed

The other thing they improved was that when finding album info you could click on a check to mark all the rest of the tracks for the same album, but because of the weak search employed, usually not all tracks were recognized, so you had to search for those again later, or manually input the data.

Take a look at the following screens (my Windows is in Spanish, but you should be able to recognize stuff) to find album info, in this case Blackwater Park by Opeth. It is mostly self-explanatory, but the things to spot are: 1) you can select the specific result you are looking for (more than 500 results), 2) You get a list of tracks not recognized (if there's any), and for each track you can select the correct info from a listbox (in this case the one not recognized is not from this album, so I left it blank).

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