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Friday, March 09, 2007

My HP scanner and Windows Vista

A few days ago I installed Windows Vista without activating, just to take a look at it, and to see if it worked fine in my PC. I must say that it is really amazing, and Aero is absolutely elegant.

So I went on to configure all the peripherals, and the ones that worried me the most were my HP Scanjet 2200c scanner and my EPSON Stylus Color 660 printer. I started with the printer, and I found that on the EPSON site it says this about my printer.

Drivers are included with Windows Vista. Just connect your Epson product to your computer and follow the on-screen instructions that Windows Vista displays to guide you through driver installation.

Now that is amazing. I proceeded to turn the printer on and it recognized it in a second, installed the drivers and everything was fine. Now onto the scanner. I found this jewel on HP's site.

We are sorry to inform you that there will be no Windows Vista support available for your HP product. Therefore your product will not work with Windows Vista.
The majority of HP products not supported in Windows Vista are beyond seven years old.
If you are using the Windows Vista operating system on your computer, please consider upgrading to a newer HP product that is supported on Windows Vista.
HP has numerous products on the market that support Windows Vista

Wow, what a polite way to tell me fuck you cheap bastard, buy a new scanner from us that will only work for a few years because we want more money from you. Even my EPSON printer, which is older, works perfectly on Vista. You know what? I'm gonna go with their suggestion, but I'm going to modify a bit their wording. I'm going to consider upgrading to a newer NOT HP product that is supported on Windows Vista.

/end rant


  1. que lo de HP es demasiado sirve el servicio té hay compatibilidades... yo siendo tu escribiría a HP diciendoles: Si las intenciones de no sacar drivers para periféricos "viejos" es forzarme a comprar nuevos dispositivos HP... se pelaron me compré un Scanner EPSON!!

  2. It gets better, at the HP website at the bottom of the whole "we do not support your product anymore" it gives the following link to trade in your HP Scanner (

    So I go through the process to see how much my trade in is worth. THIS is a jewel.

    "Aftermarket trade value

    The product you have entered does not have an aftermarket trade value. You may want to consider one of the disposal options below.

    - donate your product
    - recycle your product"

    They're basically saying the scanner I have that is working perfectly fine isn't worth anything at all. I know plenty of people who wouldn't mind having a free scanner. Ridiculous..

    Some people have suggested using VueScan ( which is $30 US. Looks like I'm in the market for a new scanner. I officially hate HP.

  3. Wow, I really didn't try doing that because I'm outside the US (and we all know how it is).

    I ended buying the Epson Stylus C3900, which is a printer AND a scanner, so now I can maybe give my scanner to a friend who still uses XP.

  4. MAN FUCK HP!!!!! I'm all hyped up with my new windows vista and I got my printer to work but my scanner is a no go at first I thought it was Microsoft fuckin with me but now I see it's greedy ass Hew Pack Itried everything I know and I can't seemed to get around it without paying for an driver program that may or may not get it working. I got so much work to do and I need this muthafuckin scanner to do half of it. FUCk HP!!!!!!!