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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I have a new cell phone!

When I wrote about the ringtones I did it on purpose, because I knew I was close on getting another cell phone. I got a Nokia 2600, and I think it's very good, and one of the reasons I bought it was that it has a ringtone composer. When I first started trying the phone (after buying it and at home) I couldn't find the composer, and begun to panic. I even desisted from trying to find it and I was a bit left down, but I guessed that the rest of the phone was good enough for me. Lucky me, while I was at Diego's house trying the phone, I found the best feature.... the composer!

I'll write a small comparison between the 2600 and the 3310. I'll only write about the stuff I care.

    Things the 2600 has and the 3310 doesn't:
  • Smaller and lighter (but not way too much).
  • Polyphonic ringtones.
  • Color display (only 4096 colors).
  • The battery runs for longer periods of time.
  • It has a memory of 200 phones apart from the SIM card memory.
  • SMS counter. This way I can control myself.
    Things that they have in common:
  • Single button navigation (no SEND or END buttons).
  • Ringtone composer (yeah!).
  • Navigation very much alike.
    Things I preferred from the 3310
  • The buttons were separate and easier to use. On the 2600 they are too close from each other, thus easier to mistouch them.
  • As with every color display, they can't be seen too well on the sun when lit up, and when they turn off, you can barely see the date and time that's displayed; most of the time you can't see anything.
  • It had the best game ever. Snake 2. Actually I liked the first version more, but Snake still rules.
I'm sure there are other things (better and worse) that I will discover, but these are the basics from 2 day using it. A ringtone composer is almost all I need. I don't need GPRS, EDGE, data transfer, Internet, mp3 (but it would be nice to have an mp3 ringtone), digital camera... Just give me a basic phone with a ringtone composer, and not the shitty composer on some Motorola's, on which you 'create' a ringtone by combining different already made rythms and melodies.

My cell phone history is like this (I'm almost sure of the years):
Nokia 2110 (1999 - 2000), Nokia 5110 (2000 - 2002), Motorola Talkabout T2288 (piece of shit, I'm never buying a Motorola ever again) (2002 - 2003), Nokia 3310 (2003 - 2005), Nokia 2600 (just bought it). I was going to post a picture of it, but the sizes wouldn't be accurate next to each other.

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