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Monday, September 19, 2005

GameFAQs Character Battle over

Wow, I'm in shock, Mario won...

I'm tired of all the Nintendo characters winning over at the GameFAQs character battles. Let's give an example on this year's competition. Kirby vs. Tidus. How the hell is that pink ball going to beat Tidus? Zelda vs. Vivi. Come on! Zelda is always being kidnapped! She can't do anything on her own, let alone kill Master Vivi! And finally Mario vs. Crono. Crono is one of the coolest characters ever in a videogame. He can definitely kick some plumber ass. Maybe I'm just more inclined at Squaresoft's chars...

Well, take a look at the bracket here, and see for yourself how Nintendo's characters impossibly win some fights.

To be fair, Mario hasn't won yet, but he will, trust me. Now let's hope that either Cloud or Sephiroth can kick Link and Mario's asses in the Champion's Bracket.

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  1. That's because people that vote there are FUCKING IGNORANTS!