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Friday, June 01, 2007

New Windows Live Betas forcing Microsoft Update

A couple of days back I installed the new Beta of Windows Live Messenger (8.5). It looks nice, and has some UI improvements, but essencially is the same.

Yesterday when I turned on my laptop, I noticed that it was really really slow... I couldn't do anything, so naturally I check the task manager to see what process was messing up. It was svchost.exe that was hogging up 100% of the CPU. So I kill it thinking that next time I restart it will go away. But it didn't. I started googling for an answer to this svchost problem, and I see that a lot of people are having problems with it, but as a lot of services run within that process, I couldn't know which one it was.

As I didn't have time to figure out what the problem was, I just killed it and kept working, until it was lunch break, and time for the Quake 3 break. As it is, that svchost process contains the Windows Audio process, so I was unable to play. Now it's time to figure out the problem!

Upon many searches I found out that it was something to do with Microsoft Update. But I don't remember enabling it... But last night, Yogi tells me that he's having the same problem that I am, and he says it happened after installing Windows Live Messenger... So, look at this screenshot.

That's what's going on. There's no option on disabling it anywhere in the installation process. It forces you to use Microsoft Update. And a buggy one at that! Bleh!

Well, for those of you with the same svchost problem, just disable Microsoft Update (click on settings at the Microsoft Update page and look for the option). And for the ones who would like to have Microsoft Updates on, you have to install the KB927891 fix and then install the WSUS 3.0 client (that link is for the x86 version).

This were the two sites I found the solutions:

Update (June 25th): for a very good article on diagnosing and solving this issue check the first story of the Windows Secrets Newsletter, Issue 112 (2007-06-21)